A girl with two fathers, two countries and no place to call home.


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When your skin’s the wrong color and eyes a different shade of blue, life is one godsdamned battle after another. All that’s kept me alive is my birthmark, symbol of the A’talan Mother Goddess. Well, that, and . . .
my foster father, Pell a’Sada, touted as the Scourge of Daharsha, the desert country where I was born, rejected and abandoned. The a’Shara taught me his values, and since a little girl, I’ve dreamed of becoming one of his warriors—a Venari. In a moon, I turn seventeen, and if Pell deems me worthy, I’ll become an A’talan citizen and one of his archers. This alone will end the hate and disdain heaped upon me, which is why I will bend my bow, and kill my own kind. Kemu a’Rowan, a warrior-mage of another A’talan tribe, claims he remembered me the first time we met. He tells me, spill my people’s blood, and guilt will endanger my immortal soul. That fighting will turn my back on the mystical destiny that sent me down this convoluted path. Remembered me? Mystical destiny? A story of the triumph of love over insane odds, and evils.


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