About Me

About Me

Do you know who i am!

When not writing or riding my horses, I serve as a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter. In between that, I garden, am ordered around by our cats or read, dance, do yoga or pilates.

I believe life can be what we create, and that the people, experiences and ideas encountered on this path can become the stuff of dreams which can become our reality. Why? Because Day Without Dawn began as a dream that took me twenty pages to record.

Telling stories, my horses, nature’s glory, a meal with friends, I could not ask for more. And now that you are here, let’s get this party started! Sign up for exclusive updates.

Cordia Pearson Writer Rider DreamER…

When your skin’s the wrong color, and eyes a hated shade of blue, life is one godsdamned battle after another.

All that’s kept me alive is the birthmark for which I was abandoned the night I was born. A Luna moth, symbol of the Mother Goddess, with its terrifying potential for magic.
I worship the fierce warrior who found and named me Thea. In a moon, I’ll turn seventeen and join his forces, should he deem me worthy. Only through service can I achieve citizenship and end the hatred heaped upon me daily. Yet I’m troubled by his mission to deny my desert people access to this country’s many resources.

A warrior mage I’ve never trusted swears we’ve known each other over many lifetimes. He sees a different path for me—one wherein I embrace the mystical destiny my birthmark portends.

Faced with this alarming possibility, I find myself asking: Can I kill my own kind? Or will this enigmatic mage convince me to trade a life of honor and belonging for one of wild, uncontrollable magic